Project Description

Avila Beach Hotel


This elegant beach hotel west of the city center exudes an atmosphere of luxury and history. With its private beaches and 18th century elements, it provides an extremely stylish setting for your wedding. Unsurprisingly, it has received numerous awards from many prestigious reviewers such as The New York Times. The Avila is of great stature.

Ceremony & toast *

Choose from two wedding locations at Avila; the tropical garden location ‘La Pergola’ with an ocean view and mesmerizing ambiance, or with your feet in the sand at ‘Pool Beach’ right in front of the infinity pool.

Dinner & party *

The Avila Beach Hotel has excellent bar and restaurant facilities. Suitable for both small and large groups. Or dine and party on the ‘Octagon Plaza’ and ask us about the possibilities. Music is allowed until 11 pm.