Project Description



An elegant, yet pleasantly casual location with a beach, lounge and restaurant. Karakter is located on the beautiful Coral Estate Resort, towards the west of the island. Both the pier – surrounded by the Caribbean waves – and the beach form a wonderful backdrop for your wedding on Curaçao.

Ceremony & toast *

For the ceremony, you can choose the big palapa on the pier or the intimate palapa on the beach. Both will let you enjoy a high level of privacy. The beach is suitable for a smaller ceremony and toast for up to about 10 people. The pier (with delightful ocean breeze) also accommodates larger groups of up to approximately 100 people. After the ceremony on the pier, you can have a delightful toast on the private sunset-platform (up to about 35 people), or on the beach.

Dinner & party *

From a ‘just the two of us’ romantic private dinner on the beach to a festive barbecue with a large group; your wishes will become reality at Karakter. Excellent bar and restaurant facilities. Partying and music possible until 11 PM.

Will this be your wedding location? Watch this video to get an impression: